About Us

About Us

Completely hidden from view
Best speech understanding
Highest wearing comfort

Small, Smaller, Nx

The newest HeardLouder247 (formerly Siemens) hearing aids contain the latest technology which makes them virtually invisible yet incredibly powerful. These devices help you to understand every word clearly while offering the best hearing comfort. You won't see or feel them, but you will hear the difference!
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The future of modern hearing systems is here

The new HeardLouder247 hearing system is here — and it is revolutionizing the hearing aid industry. After 50 years of research and development, German engineers have found a way to pack the best technology in a device so small, it disappears behind or inside your ear.

1.HeardLouder247 Story

Better communication is what Heardloud value the most. Beyond the sense of sound, your ears are the gateway to laughter of life, family and friends. We had an idea to combine technology with human connection; and developed Heardloud. With the help of HeardLouder247 Hearing Aids, we provide you with one of the most essential things in life: communication.


2.The HeardLouder247 Secret

The biggest advantage of HeardLouder247 is our diverse team of professional engineers , who focus on one thing——giving you the best hearing aids.We’ve created HeardLouder247 for anyone, at any stage in their life. Our hearing aids are thin and discreet, so you can feel confident and comfortable in any social setting.


3.Our Promise

We strive to provide you with reliable, flawless products. In any occasion,if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact our knowledgeable customer service team. We will gladly to solve the problem of your product.


4.Contact Us

If you need more information about HeardLouder247, please contact our friendly customer service team.